For $11 monthly dues, you can own 1/25th of a Maker Bot 3D printer. 


 Whether you know how to render in 3D or not, Print-Share can help bring your imagination to real life.


No matter when it is, or where you are, have your ideas brought to life.  When they are finished, you can either pick them up or have them mailed to your doorstep.

About Us

Print-Share was founded on the basis to provide hobbyists, home makers, students and professionals the opportunity to 3D print their designs but not worry about fighting for a spot at a tech shop or maker space, or worry about sitting for hours waiting for your items to print. Print-Share allows you to spend time with your family, work on your projects, take care of your children, and enjoy the fun opportunity of owning a 3D printer at a fraction of the cost. 


Partial Ownership 3D Printing